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I am Nisha, an independent curator currently working between Johannesburg (SA) and Berlin (GER). Or the gardener.

My work is based on process and interdisciplinary practices in the arts, its production and education. My practice spans curatorial work, writing, creative productions and artist liaison - all of which gets mixed, remixed and morphed into each other in the process. I use these disciplines rhizomatically, always based within the concept of Care and Process as Practices.

Care and Process Practices is a method of attentiveness and deep care for the subject matter and its products. Being an active part of a process and exchange between people and objects. It also describes the openness to engage and nurture topics and experiences even or especially if they are not known to oneself. The acknowledgement of the multitude of realities that exist in the diversity of lives. The openness to learning new or different ways of working, thinking and articulating projects and subject matters, creating interstitial spaces for knowledges and processes to be articulated and shared.

I have been collaborating with institutions, artists, creatives internationally for the past ten years and a while back obtained a BA in Cultural Work and Arts Management (Potsdam/Berlin) and an MA in Art History (Johannesburg). I might journey into a Phd on the psychology of art, sometime soonish. 

With my company Triangle Art Consultancy I advise on all things art for corporates, individuals and collections and develop strategies in understanding the art ecology and within its multilayerd conceptions. These are customised engagement, please send me an email with any questions and inquiries ︎︎︎

The things that keep me busy at the moment are Courtyard Screening (which I curate and founded with friends), a monthly engagement with the moving image and conversations with their makers in Johannesburg and the Merit Art Collective, an international art collective working towards an interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and activations through art productions which I founded with amazing people. PROJECTS and MORE here: